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In this FREE email course, you'll learn how to finally eliminate the common excuses that keep you from...

  • Committing to consistent healthy habits
  • Going to the gym or moving your body every day 
  • Honoring work boundaries so you have more time with family
  • Committing to healhy eating, instead of stress eating
  • Puting your health ahead of your work to-dos 
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"Carol is AMAZING! She is such a wealth of knowledge in all areas of happiness, health, and living a created, crazy, wonderful life!

My skin is clearer and softer, my mind is clear, and I am in tune with my body."

- Danielle Pessalano

"Carol is all about results. She offers expertise in health, nutrition, and producing results. When you meet Carol you’ll notice her infectious commitment to all that is possible right away. 

She is committed to you exceeding what you think is your potential, and will work head-to-head with you every step of the way."

- Ben Lappen

"I have more energy, I make healthier choices and I've created daily rituals that make me feel great! 

If you feel out of balance, overworked and have stopped taking care of yourself, I highly recommend connecting with Carol."

- Patty Kane

Ready To Look Every Bit Healthy As You Are Successful?

In Eliminate Excuses, you learn how to shift self-defeating reasons and justifications that prevent you from achieving vibrant health - what you know will ultimately make a difference in your career, relationships and life!  

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