I’m Carol Egan, a healthy-lifestyle, success coach.

Healthy Lifestyle Provocateur for Hire:

Carol’s outbursts: She demands. She dictates. She dances. She spits order after hard order … rule after rule … and blasts music. Carol Egan is on a Mission. To reinvent healthy living. To make each day count. For everyone. To crush the notion that self-discipline is limiting. Former clients call her their best friend and their worst enemy. In any case, she is out to rattle your cage. To produce results. Results YOU want. AND have fun, lots of fun. Get ready for massive change on a cellular level.

As a board certified nutrition, healthy-lifestyle, success coach, I work exclusively with those committed to producing the results they need to live full, vital, healthy lives. I offer you a “burned-in-the-fires” passion and enthusiasm for living life fully, extensive cutting-edge nutrition expertise and proven methods for success.

You are smart. You are committed. You create success. Yet behind all the success you enjoy, you feel stopped on where and how to create solid and sustained healthy lifestyle practices to really elevate “your game’ and who you are in the world.

You’re ready to start. You want to jump out of bed every morning with soaring energy and vibrant health. You want to feel your best so you can BE your best! You are ready to produce grand results, create GREAT success, AND have ridiculous fun.


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