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I support smart people in creating healthy lifestyle practices. As a board certified nutrition, lifestyle and wellness coach, I work with everyone from CEOs to free-lance artists, educators to health practitioners, stay-at-home Moms to actively engaged Dads. I bring to my work with you a “burned-in-the-fires” passion and enthusiasm for living life fully, extensive cutting-edge nutrition expertise and proven methods for success.

You are smart. You are committed. You create success. Yet behind all the success you enjoy, you feel stopped on where and how to begin creating solid and sustained healthy lifestyle practices to really elevate “your game” and who you are in the world.

You’re ready to start. You want to jump out of bed every morning with soaring energy and vibrant health. You want to feel your best so you can BE your best! You are ready to create grand results AND have ridiculous fun!

Let’s do this!

Results begin with one bite, one juice, one smoothie at a time!

Carol Egan



Non-Negotiable #13

designNon-Negotiable #13 Clean Eating.

I love to eat clean, healthy foods.

I believe that eating clean, nutrient rich food IS foundational to everything else we hope to achieve in life. Heck, our body IS our “machine,” and what we eat IS our fuel.

I often ask clients, if you put gas in your oil tank or oil in your gas tank, would the car run efficiently, or would it break down? Same with our body. Depending what kind of food we feed eat, we must ask ourselves, does our body run as efficiently as it was designed? Does our brain perform as clearly and as effectively as it is capable of doing? Does the food “I” eat serve as the best fuel for my machine, for my body to function optimally?

I’ve learned that many resist even considering “switching over,” from the Standard American Diet, aka the fast-food, overly-processed, nutrient devoid diet to a cleaner way of eating because they think it is too hard to do, or they just don’t have time, or it costs to much to eat healthy.

But I am VERY busy too. So how do I eat to optimize my heath, even though I am busy? What tips and suggestions do I offer my clients, as they move forward with any one of my programs?

To begin the transition to eating healthfully everyday, simply create the posture that you are going to ‘lean into it,” and that is going to be fun! Creating any new practice begins more with a psychology shift, than the actual act of doing something. So if you say eating clean and healthfully is going to be fun, easy, affordable… and that you are going to just go with the flow, the experience will be SO much more enjoyable! I say this to you with confidence beyond my own individual experience—all my clients are transforming their whole lives with this simple credo behind their commitment to really getting healthy.

We make small changes and keep looking for ways to eat clean on our budget and find ways to funnel more money over to the food line. It is an investment, but I can tell you that it is one worth making.

If you’ve been wanting to eat more healthfully, but just not so sure how to start, let me offer you a few simple suggestions. Here are my top 7 tips for eating clean on a budget:

  1. Shift your psychology—Yes, to begin to really take on creating healthy eating practices, we must shift our psychology from “I don’t like to grocery shop,” or I don’t have time,” to “this is really fun!,” and “this is so good for me and my family!” Yup. From the ground up, build a new mindset with “why” you want to do this. IF you don’t know why you want to get healthy, why this would be beneficial to you and your family, then the busyness of life WILL take over and thwart even the very best intentions. Solidify your “why” and you are 80% there
  2. Prepare—if you prepare in every way, like maintain an ongoing grocery shopping list, create a specific day to shop and a few specific days per week to prepare and cook meals and snacks for the rest of the week, you are even closer to winning this game of getting yourself healthy! I recommend prepping and cooking 2x per week to my clients. For example, if you cut up lots of veggies and wash your lettuce ahead of time, it will only take you minutes to whip up a really delicious salad when you come home late from work tired and hungry.
  3. Buy and cook in bulk—when you make your grocery list, buy staple items in bulk so that you always have the ingredients you use most often on hand. That way it will be so much easier to eat healthfully if you can whip up a fast meal, even when you are running low on other ingredients. Additionally, when you cook, cook a double portion of something like a pot of soup so that you can have extra for the next day, or some to freeze for later in the week.
  4. Join a local food sharing group, like a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). There are many local food sharing groups and CSAs that offer savings by pooling their buying power. Check into local co-ops and farms for CSAs, to access affordable ways to getting really healthy and local produce.
  5. Pack a healthy snack—NEVER leave home without water, an apple and a home-made trail mix. This is like Immersion-Health 101—I tell all my clients that if they have plenty of water for the day packed, with an apple and a trail mix, they can hold at bay even the worst of cravings! PS—For a quick, delicious and nutritious trail mix, add a handful of raw, sprouted pumpkin seeds, a handful of raw, sprouted sunflower seeds, a bit of raw, shredded coconut and a small handful of fruit-juice sweetened cranberries together. This combination offers you the perfect balance of healthy protein, healthy fat, natural sugar and carbs to satiate and hold you in the face of any food temptress!
  6. Plant-force your diet—if you haven’t already reduced or cut animal protein from your diet, you can begin by reducing your intake every week and add legumes in its place. Legumes like lentils offer 19 grams of protein per cup, and garbanzos offer a whopping 39 grams of protein per cup! And both of these legumes are very easily digested, which is yet another reason to include them as a really healthy and clean protein source.

Cheers to you and to your success at creating clean, healthy eating and healthy living practices!!