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  Faith is that thing that motivates us to drop the sadness when it waves through us. Faith is that thing that empowers us when guilt rises up when we feel like we might've … [Read More...]

Raw Spaghetti and Meatballs

  I am accused of saying "this is the best recipe I've ever made!" Ha! 'Tis true! But I truly believe that raw food chefs have it all going on artistically! I've learned so … [Read More...]

Mediterranean Kale Stew

Many often say to me, vegan? that's way too much work! I could never do it! And I just laugh and say 2 things, 1) TRY this recipe and 2) Just start adding more vegetables into your … [Read More...]

What is EWG?

What is EWG and why should you care? I never even heard of EWG = The Environmental Working Group when I first started choosing organic, but when I learned of who they are, a … [Read More...]

How To Rock Gratitude

Want to know the foundational credo I teach my clients to produce results and create massive success in all areas of their lives? Gratitude. Yes, gratitude is the foundation … [Read More...]

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