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I offer pathways to smart people to produce results and create great success in all areas of life. 

As a board certified nutrition, lifestyle and success coach, I work with everyone from doctors to corporate executives, entrepreneurs to realtors, IT specialists to financial advisors. I bring to my work with you a “burned-in-the-fires” passion and enthusiasm for living life fully, extensive cutting-edge nutrition expertise and proven methods for success.

You are smart. You are committed. You create success. Yet behind all the success you enjoy, you feel stopped on where and how to begin creating solid and sustained healthy lifestyle practices to really elevate “your game” and who you are in the world.

You’re ready to start. You want to jump out of bed every morning with soaring energy and vibrant health. You want to feel your best so you can BE your best! You are ready to create grand results, create GREAT success AND,  have ridiculous fun!

Let’s do this!

It’s not about food, it’s about living life fully!

Carol Egan



Your Power

IMG_2423Do you ever feel stuck, like something is blocking you from feeling empowered in life? From feeling your very best self? From feeling like you can freely express yourself, emotions all in check? You know that ‘over-the-moon’ confidence and happiness and joy that those you admire most seem to exude, but it eludes you… and you just don’t know why?

And now you find yourself complaining about… this person giving you a hard time, or that person is so difficult. Perhaps your chronic complaint is you’re just flat-out exhausted, maybe even overwhelmed too. Maybe it’s your job, or your body, or your health, your spouse, your children, the weather? If not that, maybe it’s politics, or… you just can’t seem to even stick to healthy eating and healthy lifestyle practices?

You feel disempowered and stopped by endless reasons, but don’t know what to do.

Shift these feelings. NOW.

These negative thoughts are NOT who you are. You are powerful and kind and good and the negativity holds you back from experiencing, expressing and BEING your personal best!

Choose to be powerful now. Just choose!

OK, I get it. You don’t know how to ‘just’ turn off this negative way of thinking. If you did, you would’ve by now. Right?

One very EFFECTIVE way  to reclaim YOUR power is,

Find your leverage.

Find your pain-spot.

Find a moment in your life that REALLY hurt you. Deeply. And go there. Yes, go there and get inside the pain and feel it… and then BLOW IT OPEN to the brilliant lesson it offered you and let it go. Feel the gift of the strength you gained from that experience. That IS your leverage.

Ah, but you will have to drop the “poor me” victim story to tap into your full expression of personal power.

You do get that you can’t own your power if you are a victim, right?

Let me give you an example:

Life offered me a GORGEOUS moment of GINORMOUS leverage when I had no family support and no where to go with my newborn son.

SNAP! Oh, yes, creative genius was reborn with that pain-spot!

That moment gifted me with a level of tenacity I challenge you is unmatched.

I cornered the market on creative genius at that moment in my life.

Heck, yeah I found a way to be mother.

I let go of the story of poor me and stepped into my power. With nothing. And I mean. Nothing.

I learned of Foster Care and VERY willingly placed my son in a foster home for 4 months.

It was A choice, my best choice, the choice that was better than no choice.

Choice, not chance, determines destiny. 

I lived with a friend and her family.

I went back to work 1 week after I gave birth.

NO. I did NOT have a car.

Yes, my 18 & 19 year old friends picked me up everyday and drove me to visit my son, and then drove me to my waitressing job.

Against the doctors orders? Dangerous to my health you say? C’mon?

I learned to spit nails at that time. Spit nails? Frig, I made those nails. I made those nails and I spit those nails out!

NOTHING could stop me from achieving my role as mother.

My pain-spot?

Standing at the end of the hospital corridor watching Tina Marconi, a state-assigned Department of Children and Youth Services worker, carry my son out of the hospital. Of course I remember her name.


Life offers us all moments to step into our power, or to be a victim. There is NO in between.

Every single moment we get to choose to BE powerful, or not. 

In those moments I got to choose my power, or hold a story of limited possibility and weakness.

In your life, you got to choose your power, or hold a story of limited possibility and weakness.


And the cool thing is, it really is that easy.

We choose. Right now. In this moment. We drop the limiting stories and step into our power to tap a Force that lives in us that is utterly unstoppable. 

Drop the limiting stories and train yourself every moment, every day to own your power personal power.

Want to ‘play’ like you mean it? Want to cause a powerful shift in you life beyond the next best recipe? Want to find find freedom and FUN beyond the limiting stories that hold you back? Want to learn how to use ALL your life experiences to your advantage? 

Hire me. As a Board Certified nutrition, lifestyle and success coach, I offer you 25+ years seeped in education, extensive training with cutting-edge leadership, training and development groups and advanced training in transformation, performance, communication, accountability and effective training methodologies. I offer you my new 28-Day Program, which closes September 13th at midnight, and 1:1 coaching. Both programs can happen via phone or Skype. 1:1 coaching can happen in person.

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My mission: To empower smart people to live life fully.